Be A Better Songwriter

Marc Cohn

Day 3 - 4

In my current 10 Blog experience, I came across this wonderful article by Andrew Peterson at the Rabbit Room site.

He wrote on the impact that singer/songwriter Marc Cohn had on his life.

And rightly so. He's such an under appreciated songwriter. Read Andrew's article if you've never really been a Cohn fan. So many great songs!

Be a Better Songwriter

Listening to guys like Cohn will inspire you as a writer. I'm challenged by his lyrical craftsmanship; and the way he puts it all to such soulful music. As a praise and worship writer I want to write creatively and thoughtfully.

It's very easy, in the praise and worship genre, to fall back on weary clichés and overdone melodies.

I've written several songs, and have done a series on songwriting here at the blog, but I've still got much to grow in!

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