Monday Mix (3)

My Monday Mix

This will be my third Monday Mix post. I basically do a round-up of the current events of my life, and some other random things that I've been either reading or listening to.

In this post I'll primarily focus on some music I'd suggest you check out, and some future plans I have for this year.

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Praying In The Spirit

If we're being honest we Christians often struggle in prayer. Who hasn't? In D.A. Carson's book entitled A Call to Spiritual Reformation, he gets to the heart of what a biblically oriented prayer life is.

There is no such thing as true prayer that is outside of the Spirit. Like some might draw the comparison between praying in English and praying in a "private prayer language".

One minute you're praying in the Spirit (tongues) and one minute you're not (English).


So what does praying in the Spirit mean?

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