Developing A Personal Growth Plan (4) - Jim Reklis


Here is the last in my series on personal growth. If you haven’t read the other three, I recommend you go back and read them to get the full picture.

Assessment asks “where am I?”, alignment, “where am I going?”, and action asks, “how will I get there?”

You may have noticed that a gap was created between your assessment and alignment, where you are now and where you hope to be. The third and critical step is creating an action plan to bridge this gap. Think of it as a road map to get you from your current location to your desired destination.

Think for a moment on why

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Developing A Personal Growth Plan (3) - Jim Reklis


Welcome to part 3 of my previous posts on developing your own personal growth plan. We have moved from assessment to alignment.

If assessment asks the question, “Where am I?” alignment asks, “Where am I going?”

Alignment is about vision, a preferred future in the areas you assessed and relies on your deeply held values, beliefs, and convictions. Another way to think of alignment is as a compass, it points you in the true direction you want to move toward.

As a Christian you draw from Scripture as a revelation of God’s

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