What Happened To TIM? (Part 1)

T.I.M. talks If you've been following this podcast for a while, then you may be wondering, what happened to T.I.M.?

If you go to http://theindependentmusician.com you'll notice a landing page, and how things link back to this site.

Here's the podcast page now. Blog posts, and show notes are here now. Things are different, right?

More than that you've most likely noticed a drop off in the episodes.

Well, in this post, I'll be sharing some news, though I can't share everything yet.

An Update On T.I.M.

Right around the same time I launched T.I.M. Talks in March, I started contracting for a publishing company in Nashville, doing their Wordpress administration, social media management, and digital marketing campaigns.

T.I.M. was a part of my plans going back to last year. I had this grand vision. After doing the CMB Podcast in 2013, and seeing some measure of success - at least for a small fry like me (996 subscribers was a big deal in my mind) - I got excited about how much of the internet marketing hacks that I was learning about actually worked.

Building an audience online was something that I had always thought was important for indie musicians these days, and as I began seeing CMB grow, I wondered if I could transfer what I was learning to indie artists looking to build an audience themselves.

Looking at several case studies where indie artists were using free content to leverage their growth online, I had a vision to reverse engineer their success and talk about this new way of doing music business. Since I had seen a little bit myself with CMB, I thought I'd embark on a journey of the blogging musician.

Content marketing is a big deal these days and I wanted to explore it as an indie artist coach. I also wanted to record the journey and publish it in the form of an audio podcast.

But here's where I went wrong....

I still completely believe in this stuff, but I made a decision that was a mistake. Don't do what I did:

To give myself the time to commit to this venture, I decided to scale back at my job, get paid less, and dive into the world of indie-entrepreneurship. I had set a date at my job to step out of some of the roles I was in, and go part time.

It was a huge pay cut, and one that I was confident I'd be able to make up for after a few months of producing products and services for my audience.

I had huge plans for T.I.M.

But I wasn't ready.

And, at the same time, other work began to show up on my plate that I hadn't accounted for.

I underestimated the amount of time that was required to get to the place where I'm bringing in the income needed to support my family.

Yes, I'm having to eat humble pie and confess that I over extended myself.

The Full Story

Someday, I'll share even more of the full story, but at this juncture I have to put things with T.I.M. Talks on pause.

My priorities are:

  1. My family
  2. My personal growth
  3. My work
  4. My church

I will likely do blog posts periodically here at the blog, but the next few months, I'm going all in with the priorities above.

I do have several unpublished episodes of T.I.M. that may come to the surface sometime, but I can't promise anything on when that will be.

From one T.I.M. to another, thank you.

And don't go away, because I plan to pick certain things back up in the future. This blog will always be here, and you can always reach me here if you ever have any questions about anything.

Monday Mix (2)

A while back I did a post called Monday Mix, where I did a little round-up of several different things into one post. Here's number 2...

Living Way Church

Things are cranking up at our church. We've recently started a new afternoon program from 4-6 that has been a life-giving boost of energy, with small groups for children and adults.

We moved all our student ministries to this time as well, and God is doing some cool stuff there. Just being totally transparent, I've always resisted the title of "youth pastor", (I used to have a problem stereotyping them) but I've loved it lately. Seeing God move in the lives of teenagers is pretty cool.

I've also been enjoying our Sunday mornings. Yesterday was awesome. We baptized 6 people yesterday after our main service, and I believe there's much more to come.

New Holiday Music and Christmas Gigs

Yep it's that time of year. Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, and you'll be hearing those familiar tunes when you're out and about. Many have already started playing them.

You might remember last year I put out some Christmas music for free, during the last four weeks of December. Well I'm setting a goal to add two more to the collection for you to enjoy this holiday season. I'll keep you posted! Update: Didn't meet that goal afterall ... Epic fail. Oh well. Can't do it all!

I also have some holiday-specific events coming up. I'm super stoked about doing another worship night, this time with a post-thanksgiving/pre-christmas emphasis, with Tim Hooker at Gate City Vineyard on Saturday December 1st. And later, on December the 11th, I'll be at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem with the WBFJ crew. I'll have more details on these gigs soon at my LIVE page.

Politics and Perception

I must say it's been a wild election year. I normally don't write much about politics for obvious reasons, but I came across this illustration by Anthony Freda that got me thinking.

I know for many this seems totally strange, but I think it represents a mindset that is prevalent in our time.

Unfortunately this is how many people perceive politics. I think rightly so at times. It's totally easy to get cynical about American politics these days with all the heated Facebook threads and debates out there. Here's my little thought on this:

I want to get engaged with issues, but I never want to come across like one of these guys...

My Recent Blog Reading Round Up

  • I'm a Calvinist and a Charismatic. Here's some reading that might help people understand how that works...



A Quick Fist Bump Update!

Well needless to say I haven't been blogging much these days. I plan on getting back into it as much as I can, but life is full and will be even more so. Some of you may know that I'm going back to school. I posted on it a few months ago. Moody Bible Institute is a solid school and offers a really flexible distance learning program for guys like me who are in full-time vocational ministry already. I'll be finally finishing my bachelors degree! For me this is a big deal...

Miles is doing great! Having a son is an amazing thing. Some of my close friends who are dads always told me that their perspective on God was greatly expanded once they had kids. This has been true for me too. It hit me pretty hard the other day when I came home from the office and Miles gave me his first smile of recognition. It was the highlight of my week. Hands down.

In that moment I was reminded of how much God is moved with delight when I look to Him and smile. What is smiling at God look like? I'm pretty sure He loves it when we're thankful, when we are satisfied in Him, loving His word.

It's pretty amazing to think that a smile at God moves His heart. If I got a load of joy from Miles' smile at me, how much more is God moved when His children smile at Him? (Zeph 3:17)

There's my devotional thought for the day...

I've also recently written a few new songs. These are just demos and the songs aren't even completely done, but I figured I share them here at the blog for you to hear a little of what I've been working on. Later I'll do a more in-depth commentary on each song along with a chord chart in the SongCorner. Listen to them below.

You're My Rock

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/56223499" iframe="true" /]

Glorious God

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/56224054" iframe="true" /]



Miles Nathan Fancher

Haven't blogged in a while... All for good reason. As you can probably guess from this video, I've been busy.

I'm a happy new dad! I'd like to introduce to you the new addition to the Fancher family:

Weighing in at an even 7 lbs, Miles Nathan Fancher was born on

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