Hecq and Ableton Unite

I've primarily used Ableton Live in a Sunday morning, congregational context, but am excited about introducing it in my own live sets when I play out. In fact I'll be selling some old gear to help offset some upgrade costs for Ableton Push and some other gear. More on that soon....

Once I get some things in place, I'm hoping for a whole new experience with playing gigs. I have some fun Christmas gig ideas as well once the trees at Target go up (probably in a couple of weeks...) :-)

I'm pretty jazzed about the new Hecq Ableton pack for Live. Planning on getting it soon. This video describes it in detail...



Playing Live

That's a gig with my old band Mali a few years ago. There's something intangibly great about the raw energy of live music.

Playing music for God and people is a great privilege!

Currently I'm not playing out much (if at all) except for the weekly meetings at my church.

But stay posted to the blog and soon enough you'll find out about things I'll be a part of locally in the Triad area, and other regional (and sometimes national) events.

Gigs This Fall

With the release of new music this coming September, I'm really looking forward to getting out and gigging more. I'll be playing mostly around the Greensboro area, but there are other neat opportunities on the horizon. Stay tuned for more info! If you're interested in having me come play for your church, event, conference, or whatever feel free to contact me here.

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