Monday Mix (3)

My Monday Mix

This will be my third Monday Mix post. I basically do a round-up of the current events of my life, and some other random things that I've been either reading or listening to.

In this post I'll primarily focus on some music I'd suggest you check out, and some future plans I have for this year.

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Chris Tomlin, Burning Lights Review


Burning Lights Review

One of the Church's greatest songwriters has done it again. Here's my review of Chris Tomlin's latest record entitled Burning Lights.

The album is a mix of both new and older songs. When I say older, I only mean just a few years old. Some of these songs have already been on previously recorded albums from the Passion conferences.

How I Do Reviews

To better understand the way I review music, you might want to read about my geeky music review method that I came up with when assessing music. That will make this review a little easier to understand.


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The Autumn Film Covers Coldplay

Say hello to my friends, from Boulder, The Autumn Film. It's been pretty exciting to watch them grow and develop over the last few years.

You can find their original songs on three full length releases. Safe and Sound, The Ship and The Sea, and 8 Track Tape will not let you down.

The Onion described them as "a post-collegiate Fiona Apple jamming with Snow Patrol..." And their single "Roll Over Me" arrested the attention of viewers around the country when it appeared on CW's One Tree Hill.

They've been taking their delightfully soothing sound to living rooms across the US doing house shows, as well as playing in churches with their hymn project Page CXVI.

And now with a refreshing twist, they've just put out a short three song EP called The Autumn Film Covers Coldplay which you can get from iTunes here.

Watch the first of their three videos below. Here they cover the recent Coldplay single, "Paradise".


Come Down O Love Divine

I'm really looking forward to diving in to Fernando Ortega's new release. I'm sure it will be a rich collection of music in many ways. His music is some of the most peaceful music I've ever encountered. He was revamping old hymns long before it was the trend, and has been a very strong example of creating and writing what I call "Selah Songs". His song Grace and Peace would be an example of a "Selah Song". It's more contemplative and great for the times when you need to be in "receive mode" as you meditate on God's word.

There is a desire among many worship leaders today to be more theologically discerning, and to put before people songs that are rich with artfully crafted lyrics, presenting sound doctrine centered around the gospel.

In my eagerness to do the same, I've found personally that

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Currently Reading: Worship Matters

WorshipmattersI've just recently started Bob Kauflin's new book Worship Matters. It is rich with wisdom on everything involved in worship leading from the practical stuff to heart issues that are so important. Bob has a blog also called Worship Matters that he's been blogging at for two or three years now.

The "modern worship" movement of the last 20 to 30 years has had a huge effect on our churches. Some good, some not so good. Bob is a clear voice of truth among many voices. We as worship leaders need clear discernment on how to lead people into seeing and savoring Christ.

For those of you who lead worship, buy the book, and become a reader of his blog...