50 Days, 50 Meals (2)

Today the 50Days50Meals duo should be arriving somewhere in Peru for their first meal with a perfect stranger. Humble Pie in Raleigh, NC is today's sponsor. Check out their first video that shows them working together. A little of what to expect over the next 50 days.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/44848066 w=550&h=350]

Illustration Appreciation (2)

That's the amazing Oscar Pistorius. If you don't know who he is you should check him out.

"The Blade Runner" as he is often called, was born without the fibula, the long, slender bone running along the outside of the leg from below the knee-joint and down to the ankle.

In both legs.

His parents consulted with some of the leading doctors in the world before making the heart-wrenching decision to have his legs amputated below the knee by South African orthopaedic surgeon Dr Gerry Versveld.

They were advised by doctors that having the amputation done before Oscar had learned to walk would be less traumatic for him and would greatly improve his chances of mobility later in life. Six months later he received his first pair of prosthetic legs and within days he had mastered them.

Read the rest of his amazing story here...

The Illustration

This was recently done for a piece in the olympia issue of 125 magazine by artist Darren Hopes. Check out his blog here.

Illustration Appreciation (1)

Hipster Ronald McDonald

Great illustrators don't get appreciated enough. So from time to time I'll post some good work that comes my way.

This one is by artist Thomas Pitilli. Here's what Thomas had to say about this project.

This was a fun assignment. Las Vegas Weekly contacted me recently to illustrate a story about a new branch in the McDonald’s franchise called, Metro McDonalds debuting on the strip in LV. Complete with graffiti art murals, and an urban chic environment, Metro McDonald’s hopes to draw in a new crowd, so Ryan, the AD wanted me to show Ronald McDonald portrayed as a hipster, which I thought was a really funny idea. I spent some time living in Portland, OR (aka Portlandia), so I really channeled some of that experience into this piece! ” – Thomas Pitilli

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