Train New Workers, Don't Fill Gaps

One of the immediate pressures upon ministers is to fill gaps left by leaders who leave our programs. But if we just focus on gap filing we'll never move out of maintenance mode: we're just keeping existing ministries afloat instead of branching out into new ones.

We should start with the people that God has given us, not our programs.

(The Trellis and The Vine - Chapter 2, Ministry mind-shifts)

I read this book last year and

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Don't Use People. Grow People.

Grow your volunteers up into Christ. Let that be a focus. Don't just use them for work. Think of ways to pour into the lives of those who volunteer so that they are serving from a reservoir of grace.

This grace is a grace that has come through intentional discipleship. They've been appreciated, valued, and invested in.

These people are the kind of volunteers ministry leaders dream of.

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People Driven Events

Events are great, but don't do them thinking that it's the event itself that makes new disciples. People are meant to do that.

Events can certainly be the place where new disciples are drawn in, but it's the people doing the discipling that make the biggest difference.

These folks are the most important component of the

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