The Lord's Prayer (5)

Your Kingdom Come...

In these posts I've been looking at the Lord's prayer, seeking to get to the heart of what Jesus was saying to his disciples about how to talk and fellowship with God.

For me the Lord's Prayer in the past has been so automatic; so perfunctory. Like many who simply approach the Lord's Prayer as something you merely recite in a liturgy, I have a very long way to go in understanding it.

Especially this idea of God's Kingdom coming and His will being carried out.

Living in a godless democracy, where people (demos) are at the center of our worship, this concept of a kingdom is archaic and out of touch. Kingdoms are associated with Kings. And when you look around, Kings aren't talked about much.

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The Lord's Prayer (4)

...Hallowed be your name....

I've been thinking a lot about prayer the last few weeks. In this little series on the Lord's prayer I hope to learn more about it as I blog. That's the purpose in much of my blogging by the way; writing is the best way to get clarity for my thoughts.

In the Lord's prayer, we see a perfect model of what prayer is supposed to look like.

In this particular part of it, we see a strange word: Hallowed. When is the last time you heard someone say that in normal conversation? What does it mean?

As you've probably noticed in these posts, I've been drawing from R.C. Sproul's little book entitled, Does Prayer Change Things?, and here's another jewel from it:

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The Lord's Prayer (3)

...Who is in heaven...

Yes we approach God with a confident trust in His Love for us as Father, but we must never forget that He is utterly "other" than us.

Jesus, in the first line of the Lord's Prayer, "presents a dynamic tension for us", as Sproul puts it.

The balancing act is between what seems to be two polar opposites:

  • Childlike fearless love
  • Trembling reverent fear

These at first glance would

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The Lord's Prayer (2)

Our Father

What an amazing statement. I don't think we realize how radical it was for those in Jesus' time to hear him tell people to address God in this way.

Yesterday I started a little blog series on the Lord prayer hoping to explore the heart and meaning of it, and today we're looking at its first two words: Our Father...

R.C. Sproul says that in the old covenant community, "He was not to be addressed with any degree of intimacy. The term Father was almost never used to speak of God or to

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The Lord's Prayer

In Matthew 6 Jesus says these words: "Pray then like this..."

We often think of the Lord's prayer as that special prayer that we pray together as a church in a liturgical service. That somehow by repetition and recantation we are doing what Jesus was saying for us to do.

I'm not saying that is wrong. It is in fact scripture. If we're publicly saying it together we're simply quoting scripture - and that is a good thing.

However, I believe Jesus was giving us an example of how to pray; not simply something to repeat. He was giving us a picture of the things that should occupy our minds and hearts while we're praying.

He was showing us what the heart of a child

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