Recent Survey ResultsAnd Upcoming Course

Pretty stoked to share with you the recent results of a survey I did for CMB Podcast subscribers.

I wasn't surprised by these results.

If anything, they confirmed that I needed to focus on some projects I had been kind of keeping on the back burner.

For almost a year now I've been gearing up to release my first online course for indie artists.

There was a problem though....

With the upcoming launch of T.I.M. (The Independent Musician - an exclusive coaching site for indie artists) I've been all over the map with different things to focus on. Things I'm really eager to get going like a new podcast, a few short eBooks, a course on internet marketing for musicians, and more.

But after I got these results, it was clear I needed to put those things on the back-burner, and create something just for songwriters.

As you can see here, that is what everyone was asking for....



So I'm pleased to say that in a few weeks (depending on when you're reading this...) I will be launching a complete web-based video course for songwriters called Songwriting Good To Great (Developing The Craft)

But before launch day comes, I want to give back to the CMB community with a FREE, 3 part training course in songwriting next week.laptop-straight-forward

It will cover some of the things I teach in the upcoming main course.

Sign up to receive notifications on the free course here. Right after confirming your e-mail address, you'll receive the updated "10 Part Checklist" for songwriters that I created earlier this year. I actually cover the checklist in detail in the first video of the free course.

Seriously. Don't miss this! Get notified about the FREE video course here.

And what about T.I.M.?

ipad-sgtgJust to be clear. The FREE course is a taste of the main course that I'll be launching shortly after the free course is released.

T.I.M. will officially be launching in the new year with the new podcast T.I.M. Talks, but songwriters who get in on this first version of the bigger course (Songwriting Good To GREAT- Developing The Craft) will be the first to access the private forum on the site as soon as they purchase.

I'm capping the main course to 200 people, and viewing it kind of like a "beta" launch for T.I.M.. These early adopters will be the foundational community to get the new forum filled up, and help get the T.I.M. momentum going.

I'll be doing a bigger launch of the songwriting course in February, but the price will go up then.

As for the survey results below, I'm so stoked to see that the things you are saying are the things God has called me to pursue.

Thanks so much for your continued support and encouragement!

The Rest Of The Survey




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