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I want to thank those of you who have recently signed up for the blog. I hope you're enjoying your new free music! It's been awesome to see the response since I started the 44 Song Campaign. In the last week alone there have been over 1,000 new downloads!

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Why This Blog Exists

I'm totally amped about you joining me here at the blog if it's your first time. This blog exists for you. In this post I simply want to get your feedback.

I've been blogging since 2004, but

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Acoustic Guitars and Worship Leading

Whenever people mention "Worship Leader" you might first think of the dude that plays the acoustic guitar. This hasn't always been the case. When it comes to worship music history It seems like the acoustic guitar shows up in different eras.

A look back

Now, just so we're clear. "Worship" has been around long before the G chord. Worship is an incredibly broad subject of ascribing worth to God, but in this case, we'll be talking about worship music in the church over the last 4 decades.

In the 70's you had the Jesus Movement. It was marked by 12 string acoustics and the good 'ole Applause by Ovation.

Then came the 80's with a strong move in the

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Come Down O Love Divine

I'm really looking forward to diving in to Fernando Ortega's new release. I'm sure it will be a rich collection of music in many ways. His music is some of the most peaceful music I've ever encountered. He was revamping old hymns long before it was the trend, and has been a very strong example of creating and writing what I call "Selah Songs". His song Grace and Peace would be an example of a "Selah Song". It's more contemplative and great for the times when you need to be in "receive mode" as you meditate on God's word.

There is a desire among many worship leaders today to be more theologically discerning, and to put before people songs that are rich with artfully crafted lyrics, presenting sound doctrine centered around the gospel.

In my eagerness to do the same, I've found personally that

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Worship and Counseling

This is a fabulous conversation between Bob Kaulfin and David Powlison (2 part video). A must watch for worship leaders... Taken from Bob Kauflin's blog.

Part 1


Part 2